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RoadMap is the membership community recent college grads lean on to find their first job and launch their careers.

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Therealities of job hunting

  • It can take up to 6+ months for college grads to find their first job.
  • Without a strong network, graduates feel isolated and alone
  • Applying online doesn't work with resumes going into the abyss
  • Economic conditions make the job market more competitive
  • AI has changed the hiring landscape making it harder to stand out
  • Networking is an art and a critical skill for career advancement
Invest in Your Career.

We have worked with talent from
some of the best companies in the world.

According to Business Insider

"Negotiating your starting salary — and continuing to negotiate every few years or when you start a new job — could make a $1 million difference in your lifetime earnings."

With an additional $1 million in lifetime earnings, you can't afford to not join.

Source: How Negotiating Your Salary Impacts Lifetime Earnings (


Find Your Career Path

Never feel alone again! We will work side by side with you to discover the broad range of jobs you can go after, helping you discover your career path, while teaching you everything it takes to get in front of hiring managers.

Become a Stand Out Candidate

Stand out in a sea of crowded resumes with a resume that will get through the AI bots and be noticed. Break through to the hiring manager by creating persuasive emails to showcase the value you will bring once hired.

Learn How To Network

We take the fear out of networking by teaching you how to connect with people you don't know, craft an interesting and compelling discussion, and become great at small-talk. What feels daunting today will become second nature tomorrow.

Excel at Interviewing

Go into interviews feeling confident and self-assured. Master the nuances of interview communication, know exactly what to say, and ask the right follow-up questions with interview practice training.

Maximize Your Salary

Learn how to elegantly and confidently negotiate your salary in a way that is not off-putting and will set you up for a lifetime of higher earnings.

Personalized Support

Your RoadMap community, along with recruiters and your professional career coach, will support you in your job search and in the early years of your career.

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"The interview practice was daunting but once I saw myself in an interview, and got the direct feedback from my coach, I realized why I wasn't getting the job offers I wanted."

Jody R.

Learn and be coached by top hiring leaders and career coaches

Kristine Shine

Kristine Shine is the Founder and CEO of Shine Talent. Prior to launching the firm, she held numerous leadership positions at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies which include being the founding Chief Revenue Officer at PopSugar Media, the President of The San Francisco Chronicle and SF Gate, as well as holding numerous leadership positions at Microsoft and other notable companies. Kristine has worked with some of the most successful CEOs and executives in the world and has hired for Fortune 500 companies and Silicon Valley start-ups, along with some of the most notable consumer and business brands.

Liam Roecklein

Liam Roecklein launched his career in production and quickly moved up the ranks, becoming an Executive Producer at Time Inc. He then joined Cheddar as employee #5, where he made his mark as a start-up leader responsible for content, audience development, and growth, eventually becoming the SVP and GM for the business. He then moved to PointsBet, which expanded his work in digital and married his passion for sports. Hiring, leading, and training recent college graduates throughout his career gave him a keen understanding of the generational shifts occurring in the workplace and a passion for solving the associated issues. Liam's passion is helping young professionals thrive in their careers.

Eduardo Braniff

Eduardo A Braniff is a CTI-trained and ICF-certified coach. His practice is focused on individuals working through milestone changes in their life, especially young adults. Eduardo works closely with his clients in defining their values, aligning these with their vision for the next phase of their life, and moving them through all the efforts required to learn how to make values-based decisions. Prior to launching his coaching practice, Eduardo spent the majority of his career in experiential design, creating brand experiences for the world’s biggest brands. He also was a TV and publishing executive at MTV.

Erica Fortescue

Erica Fortescue is an International Coaching Federation-certified coach who holds a B.A. from Brown University, an M.Ed from Stanford, and has extensive postgraduate training from coaching and counseling certification programs at UC Berkeley and the ADD Coach Academy.  Erica specializes in coaching undergraduates and graduate students with ADHD (or similar traits) and has built training programs and workshops to support career growth for top executives around the globe.

Katie Baird

Katie Baird is the Founder and CEO of Baird Coaching which is a firm focused on supporting executive leaders to transform their careers. Before launching Baird Coaching, Katie was a Business Strategy Consultant at Deloitte where she worked with executive leaders who were elevating into the C-Suite. She is an ICF-certified coach and today coaches business leaders at Fortune 500 companies and start-ups as they look to excel in their work.

Cass Taylor

Cass Taylor is the Chief Operating Officer and an Executive Recruiter at Shine Talent. Prior to joining Shine Talent, she had a storied career in marketing and advertising working at some of the top agencies in North America. During her corporate career Cass built out highly successful recruiting and training programs that ensured success for recent college graduates as they launched their careers in the advertising world. Since joining Shine Talent, Cass has recruited and coached some of the most successful and admired executive leaders.

"65% of Gen Z workers lack soft skills that could cost them their jobs, promotion or a raise"

Source: Fortune Harris Poll

Find career Success

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  • You're an upcoming or recent graduate and don't know where to start looking for jobs
  • You're overwhelmed with the amount of work that goes into building your professional presence and learning how to properly interview is stressful
  • You're ready to join and learn from a community of young professionals and career experts
  • You're worried about how to negotiate to get paid for your potential
  • You're unsure how to build real relationships in your network
  • Your family won't stop nagging you about where you are going to work after graduation
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"The coaching was the absolute BEST! The program and community was so organized, approachable and personal"

Sarah B.


What happens when I join?

When you join RoadMap, you will have unlimited access to action-based workshops that are both live-streamed and on-demand. In these workshops, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully land your first job. Topics include building a meaningful network, getting noticed by hiring managers, securing interviews, nailing the interview process, following up to make a great impression, negotiating your salary, and more.

You will also work with professional recruiters and career coaches who will support you every step of the way. They will teach you how to research and prepare for interviews, provide honest and open feedback about what you are doing right and wrong, and help you understand what hiring managers are looking for and how to stand out to get the job offer. By joining RoadMap, you will become part of a community of upcoming and recent college graduates who are ambitious about growing their careers. You will learn from each other and support each other as you all grow your careers together. This community will be the foundation of your career and network building, lasting throughout your lifetime.

By joining the RoadMap program, you will be invited to online and in-person events where you will learn from and meet Fortune 500 leaders and start-up executives. These experiences will inspire and teach you what it takes to stand out and successfully build your career.

How much 1:1 time do I get with my coach?

Our members receive both 1:1 coaching and group coaching. Each member is allotted 3 1:1 sessions with their assigned coach and unlimited sessions for our group coaching and workshops, which are also led by our coaching team. Members can earn more 1:1 coaching time by supporting other community members or they can purchase additional 1:1 coaching time, should they desire.

What if I don't connect with my coach?

We have a variety of great coaches on our RoadMap team and we work hard to connect our members with a coach that aligns with their needs. If you are unhappy with your coach, we will work to match you with different coach.

Can I start immediately?

We onboard new RoadMap members once a month. Once you are accepted as a member, you will receive information about your onboarding date and be connected with a community manager to schedule your personal onboarding and introduction to the RoadMap community and experience.

It's been a few years since I've graduated college. Do I still qualify?

Yes! Our program is open to people that are within 5 years of graduating.

How is this different from the career center at my school?

Our program is vastly different from a college career center in that we are extremely action-based, working closely with you to land your first job and staying with you to ensure you are successful in your work. When joining RoadMap you will be joining a private network of young professionals that will support each other and be with each other as you go through your career journey. You will also be working with professional career coaches and recruiters who give you real-time and personalized feedback as you go through the program. You will also have unlimited access to the RoadMap workshops so you can continue to hone your skills and advance your job search.

Can I speak with a career coach before I join?

Absolutely! Click HERE to schedule a consultation with one of our career coaches to determine if the program is right for you.

How much does membership cost?

2024 Founding Membership pricing is $1497 annually. We also offer a payment plan of $149 per month vs. paying the full annual membership fee upfront.

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